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Company name MITSUI FOODS CO.,LTD.
Representative Shinichi Hagiwara, President
Head office 2-7-2 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8277 > MAP
Tel.+81-3-6700-7100 Fax.+81-3-3242-8900
Established July 1928
Capital 12,031 million yen
Employees 1,030 (as of April 1st 2019)
Main businesses The sale of alcoholic beverages, beverages, frozen foods, perishables, agricultural and livestock products, marine products, forest products, dairy products, sweets, rice, cereals, wheat flour, fats and oils, dried goods, canned and bottled foods, simple packaged foods, noodles, ice, frozen desserts, household dishes, preserved foods, breads, instant foods, tea leaves, coffee, pickled foods, health food, food additives and other food products. The sale, import, export and manufacture of pet foods and other pet products, animal drugs, feed, gardening supplies and fertilizers. The sale, import and export of medicines, quasi-medicines, cosmetics, sanitary goods and detergents.
Main shareholders Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Sales performance
March 2010
511300 million yen
March 2011
525000 million yen
March 2012
596800 million yen
March 2013
634700 million yen
March 2014
707400 million yen(consolidated)
March 2015
753800 million yen(consolidated)
March 2016
792900 million yen(consolidated)
March 2017
799000 million yen(consolidated)
March 2018
816400 million yen(consolidated)
March 2019
819900 million yen(consolidated)
Yasuharu Fujiyoshi
Shinichi Hagiwara
[Executive Director]
Youji Endo
[Executive Director]
Takao Ueno
[Executive Director]
HIsashi Yazawa
[Executive Director]
Tadaharu Hirohata
[Executive Director]
Shunya Kanai
[Non Executive Director]
Akio Hirose
[Non Executive Director]
Hidehiro Shoji
[Non Executive Director]
Kosuke Shibata
[Non Executive Director]
Takeshi Eshita
[Full-time auditor]
Toshihiro Tanaka
Kenichiro Miyashita
Shunzo Bando

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