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MITSUI FOODS' distribution centers have various functionsto deal with the needs of the clients.

01 Synergy between general functions and joint delivery functions

Generation of synergistic effects by establishing distribution centers in close cooperation with the clients

A joint delivery section has been established within each existing center for certain clients and the combination of the two functions makes the distribution more efficient.

02 Complex Centers with Four Temperature Zones


These are complex distribution centers that can keep products in four temperature zones; at normal temperature, refrigerated, frozen and extremely frozen. The centers can provide a full distribution service for a wide range of products including fresh food.

03 Streamlining by Introducing Materials Handling Equipment


The introduction of facilities that store assorted items for shipment or other types of facilities enables products to be shipped without having to complete each batch. Lead times can be reduced and the various needs of each client can be satisfied.

04 Small Lot Shipment Functions


Inventory control by packing type facilitates distribution processing that meets the needs of the clients (no-bundling, packing, etc.), as well as small quantity picking that is highly accurate and efficient.

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