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MITSUI FOODS has established a distribution infrastructurethat supports a distribution network and centers thatcover the whole of Japan.

Management System

Facilities, equipment and legal compliance, and distribution quality concerning all centers are managed in an integrated fashion to ensure an appropriate distribution environment.

Improvement of
the Distribution Environment

Support for the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the distribution environment is provided by the head office integrally. The distribution function is made more sophisticated by integrating and using know-how that each distribution base has accumulated.


Flexible high quality distribution is ensured at low cost. This is made possible because the information systems for distribution centers for ordinary clients and distribution systems for joint delivery for certain clients have been established separately, and the combination of these two systems makes the whole distribution system more efficient.

Distribution Planning

Planning for distribution strategies is implemented at the head office. Our planning expertise will help promote the distribution projects of the clients.

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