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The mission of a wholesaler is to accommodate the needsof the consumers, which change day by day, andthe consumption structure, as well as provide a sellingplace that satisfies both the clients and the consumers.

Owing to MITSUI FOODS's merchandizing based on market analysis with our original tools, which do not depend only on data, and original ideas from the consumer's viewpoint,we can propose optimum selling places.

MITSUI FOODS's Merchandizing

We support customers in getting the best possible product lineup with the best possible timing

Sponsoring the Mitsui Food Show, a general exhibition

With our ability to identify and procure products,
we deliver the makings of an abundant diet

We sponsor a general exhibition that creates new demand from the cultures and ingredients of Japan and other countries around the world.

Mitsui Food Journey

Suggesting local products at the Nippon Genki Market

MITSUI FOODS promotes differentiation strategies that suggest added value to products in order to deal with the changing market and create new demand. One of the strategies is to identify and promote excellent local products that are less well known or marketed in Japan.

Nippon Genki MarketNippon Genki Market (※the design is registered by MITSUI FOODS)

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